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A faster Mac is your business advantage
If your company relies on Macs, CleanMyMac X is an extra player in your team. By helping your Macs run well we are helping your business.

Any company is a set of computers

7 days a year

The time an average employee loses due to a slow computer.

40% of American employees

Admitted to computer-related frustration.

* Source:,

Get a stable workflow with CleanMyMac X

Companies that use CleanMyMac X report more stable performance of their Macs. No messy desktops and digital junk, every important file protected.

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Keep malware out of business

Secure your team’s computers from keyloggers, cryptocurency miners, and more virus threats. We update our virus databases regularly.

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Prolong the life of your machines

CleanMyMac X makes even older Macs run their best. Reduce the cost of regular replacement and stay productive for many years forward.

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Facebook is our client

Since 2015 Facebook uses CleanMyMac on their office Macs. No matter the size of your business, you deserve the best cleaner tool available in the world.

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Contact us directly for details how to set up and customize CleanMyMac X through Jamf.

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